This year for the month of November I have decided to wear something pink every single day. Not just because I love pink or that my book ‘Something Pink‘ is coming out this month (though that does fit in quite nicely, doesn’t it?). I have chosen to wear something pink every day because I need to remind myself to stay positive and strong at the moment. A daily nudge, that while life has recently handed me a series of knocks, and while I’m starting to feel the weight of it all crushing my usual light-hearted outlook, I will get through this.

I chose pink to remind me that women are the most resilient creatures on the planet. I chose pink because I am feminine and fierce – the two sides to my gender that can so easily be misunderstood, mistreated or ignored. I chose pink because I believe there is beauty in everything, even in times of loss, sadness, loneliness, fear, heartache and pain. I chose pink because “all the best sunsets have pink in them. It’s the universe reminding us we deserve happiness.” – (extract from Something Pink)

I plan to document each day with my little bit of pink on Instagram using the hashtags #somethingpink #pinknovember and #30daysofpink. This way I will keep a diary of what my something pink represents to me that day, continually looking forward and upward for 30 days. Follow my 30 days of pink on Instagram. @pamisimpson Better yet, join me and start 30 days of pink for yourself!