In a world of imperfection, striving for that flawless finish seems to waste a lot of energy. I know because I suffer from it regularly. I spent a significant part of my life trying to cover up my freckles, and I waste way too much time trying to hide my after-baby jelly-belly.

Superficial, shallow vanity aside, I suffer from the need for things to work out; I want them to be right, to look right, I hate that I make mistakes and I always feel deep embarrassment when I realise I have (once again) fallen short. In fact, I have wasted so much sleep over the 1% of erring that I sometimes am too groggy and lost in a mind-fog to enjoy and celebrate the 99% of success.

No more!

Alright, let’s be honest. I’m prone to this behaviour (because I am a little bit of a perfectionist) so even if I say no more, it probably won’t be the end of it. Writing is my passion and practice, but spelling, grammar and punctuation is a weakness. How silly that a person who loves the English language so much can still be so fuddled by it? Yes, Universe, have your chuckle. Simply put, in a sad comedy of errors, the first print run of my book included mistakes that were meant to have been edited out before going live. And I didn’t notice. And now those books are out there forever (hangs head). I fretted over this quite a bit, but it’s time I pick myself up, slap a Hello Kitty band-aid on my scraped ego and get on with it.

Here I am, caught with my skirts flown up, so I thought, “If Marilyn Monroe could turn flashing her knickers into an iconic moment, why can’t I at least have a little fun with my mistakes?”

So for this particular project, this massive accomplishment I have made through much slog, sweat and tears, I have decided to take my humble pill and swallow it down with a great big bottle of celebratory bubbly! Because writing a book deserves pink champagne. And publishing a book deserves a toast. And putting my book out there deserves a freaking parade! (even if it’s just a party for 1) And the English lessons can wait till I start work on my next novel.

So if you happen to read my first attempt at authordom and spot the 1% of errors, know that I am sorry for letting you down, that I am currently drinking all the mistakes away and I highly suggest you do the same. And of course, I hope you enjoy the story for what it is: Perfectly Imperfect.