Pregnant Women are Smug

I used to harbour secret judgey opinions of those pregnant women. You know the ones. The kind Garfunkel and Oates sing about. The smug, glowing, gone-with-the-fairies ones.

It seemed to me that when *Jane fell pregnant 10 years ago, she became the very epitome of Mother Earth. What a joke! Especially since *Jane was my most […]

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A Fish and a Baby

Last month I had my first ‘attempted’ float-tube-fishing experience while pregnant. I have moved on from the trauma that is the first trimester and established myself quite comfortably into the second, so thought nothing of it.

My dizzy spells were all but gone (a lovely symptom of pregnancy that I suffered quite a lot with), my energy levels […]

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Thirty and Flirty and… Single?

Why do we put so much pressure on a woman to be 'hitched' by a certain age? Why is a woman's value only deemed worthy when coupled up with a partner? One of my dearest friends deals with this stigma daily and has decided to speak up about it here on my blog. This is her story.

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