Husband and I have a thing about Scotland. Maybe it’s the heritage we both have in our family lines, or the history saturated landscapes, or the fact that there are giant salmon to be caught in its inland waters, but we both love it and have a romanticised view of the Highlands.

Cape Town of course does not resemble the Highlands in the slightest. Not only do our temperatures soar through the 30’s and our rainfall doesn’t come close to that of a typical bag-pipey day, but also the closest thing we get to salmon is Willoughby’s sashimi (shamepies).

That is until we discovered LORDS Guest Lodge – a scattering of luxury stone abodes on top a stately hill in McGregor. The charm and appeal of staying in a 4 star lodge called ‘Lords’, and dining in its restaurant, ‘Lady Grey,’ is magnified with the feeling of specialised treatment and friendly, helpful managers and staff.

I couldn’t decide which was better – the beautiful outdoor grandeur, or the spectacular cottages, as cozy and inviting as they are regal.


Each room is named a Scottish name like Bruce or Stewart, keeping in theme, and has a stone fireplace, antique wooden fixtures and tartan trimmings. I could revel in the thrown-like lounge chair, my own Ladyship feeling right at home, while sipping deep ruby reds as Husband had his peated single malt.


We found this little Scottish styled gem tucked away in the tip of Africa 6 years ago, right in the beginning of our relationship, and the romance of the setting, including a gorgeous little 1849 stain-glass windowed chapel, ignited a secret spark in me that has lasted to this day. I was adamant that I wanted to go back with my broad shouldered highlander husband – and this time we stayed in one of their luxury free-standing cottages as a married couple. Bliss!

It was a happy mis-hap that brought us back. On one of our last fishing trips up in these mountains, Husband forgot his camera behind. Thankfully they found it but we had to make the trip again to go fetch it, and as it is not still-water season, couldn’t book a fishing weekend at the same time. We decided, instead, to take a trip down memory lane and ended up back at Lords.

I remembered the beauty, overlooking the valley and mountains beyond, and all those feelings came rushing back. Right after being checked in (we were blown away with the service, having all our needs and requests met with speed and graciousness) we headed down to the wine bar for a sun-downer and sat on a little bench on the edge of the hill, soaking in our surroundings.


Unfortunately we only had 1 night before having to be back in Cape Town for work and other commitments, but we made the most of our stay. I had my fill from visiting all the close by wine farms, taking leisurely scenic walks around the area, having a glorious lazy lunch and then dining like royalty on pork belly and slow-roasted lamb, paired with a local vintage bottle and complimentary dessert shots (YUM) to having a long soak in the claw bath scented with fresh-cut lavender provided by Lords…I was in princess heaven.

Needless to say, the rest of our stay was as glorious, and I have decided that this is going to need to be one of our regular, milestone get-aways. Who needs to fly thousands of miles north when such beauty lies right on our doorstep? A world away, right here at home. I love it.


My Rating:



Go on – give  a truly memorable experience a try. I highly recommend it!


Tel: +27 (0)23 625 1881

Cell: +27 (0)78 340 6567

or check out their website.


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