I never knew a love like this

No amount of birthing diminishes any of my former loves in any way. No amount of new found new born bonding lessens the people I cared for and held dear before. But becoming a mother did introduce a new love to me, one I never thought possible.

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Date Night

Date night – a new added feature to my fully changed life that used to be lovingly known as ‘A Whim On A Week Night’. But now, any whims or fancies need careful planning, baby sitters, breast pumps...and frozen back-up milk. What better night to debut my new do?

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Things I didn’t understand before baby that suddenly make sense.

#2 I have been up since 8-weeks-ago but can not seem to get all things done in time to leave the house before midday...

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Babies Do Bounce

7 weeks in I have already had a lot of touch and go moments, but if there’s one thing I have learnt from being a new mommy, it’s that babies are tougher than they look...

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Pregnant Women are Smug

I used to harbour secret judgey opinions of those pregnant women. You know the ones. The kind Garfunkel and Oates sing about. The smug, glowing, gone-with-the-fairies ones.

It seemed to me that when *Jane fell pregnant 10 years ago, she became the very epitome of Mother Earth. What a joke! Especially since *Jane was my most […]

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A Fish and a Baby

Last month I had my first ‘attempted’ float-tube-fishing experience while pregnant. I have moved on from the trauma that is the first trimester and established myself quite comfortably into the second, so thought nothing of it.

My dizzy spells were all but gone (a lovely symptom of pregnancy that I suffered quite a lot with), my energy levels […]

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Where is my Preggie Belly?

They told me not to buy anything till after the first trimester. They, in all their wisdom, told me not to worry about maternity clothes until I didn’t fit into any of my usual every-day ones.

But did I listen? Of course not.

There is this gorgeous little maternity wear boutique down the road from my house. […]

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Pink is the New Pink: Putting Femininity back into Feminism

When did perceived femininity become synonymous with weak, frivolous and the ‘lesser gender’? Doesn’t equal rights and equal opportunities include femininity too? Feminism, by it’s very name and nature, should include the feminine, not ostracize it. My biggest concern is that these days, anything ‘for girls’ is seen as insulting; that femininity is frivolity. We have to ask ourselves, what message are we trying to give the world when fighting the gender-stereotyping.

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