A Week of Firsts – Spot the Difference!

It’s been just over a week since arriving in the Kingdom. A friend asked me if it feels like home or if we are regretting it…and my response has to be that it feels like a new home, and I am definitely not regretting anything.

Of course, London is not Cape Town. We are not in […]

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Big News

I’m sitting here writing while a stranger walks through my house. As a South African, this is a nightmare we all often experience, but in this instance, it’s not the nightmare you might imagine.

The stranger, perusing my walls and treading cautiously through my halls, is here to give me a sentence of another kind; To buy […]

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A Kept Woman

Being a stay at home mother by choice is all consuming. But the world rejects me for that choice and label me 'A Kept Woman'. The world has no idea...

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I never knew a love like this

No amount of birthing diminishes any of my former loves in any way. No amount of new found new born bonding lessens the people I cared for and held dear before. But becoming a mother did introduce a new love to me, one I never thought possible.

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An Open Letter to my Mother

Last year I wrote my Mom an open letter. Now that I am 9 months pregnant, thoughts of my mother and all she did for me have been very present in my mind. I am re-posting this for the second time now, because it will never get old. I will never stop loving and appreciating her for all she did for me. She is the greatest mother, and I hope to emulate her in the coming years with my own little one.

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An Open Letter to my Mother

Dear Mom

On this Mothers day, I would like you to reflect on your accomplishments and achievements in the form of your children. Specifically me, your fifth child, and what it means to have been raised by you.

You made me and kept me safe till birth, cutting out anything from your own diet that could affect […]

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