30 Days of Pink

This year for the month of November I have decided to wear something pink every single day. Not just because I love pink or that my book ‘Something Pink’ is coming out this month (though that does fit in quite nicely, doesn’t it?). I have chosen to wear something pink every day because I need […]

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The Angel From My Nightmare – A Novel

PART 2 - Feminist author Sim Sibanda talks about finding value in herself regardless of what anyone else is saying, about writing as a passion project, and that her deep sense of belief in both the project and herself helped her succeed. Sim is set to just live her dream, aware of the fact that the sky has never been the limit.

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Pink is the New Pink: Putting Femininity back into Feminism

When did perceived femininity become synonymous with weak, frivolous and the ‘lesser gender’? Doesn’t equal rights and equal opportunities include femininity too? Feminism, by it’s very name and nature, should include the feminine, not ostracize it. My biggest concern is that these days, anything ‘for girls’ is seen as insulting; that femininity is frivolity. We have to ask ourselves, what message are we trying to give the world when fighting the gender-stereotyping.

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