A Week of Firsts – Spot the Difference!

It’s been just over a week since arriving in the Kingdom. A friend asked me if it feels like home or if we are regretting it…and my response has to be that it feels like a new home, and I am definitely not regretting anything.

Of course, London is not Cape Town. We are not in […]

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Dating Is Hard – Moving Is Harder

Moving is hard. Moving an entire family including cats is harder. But crating up a home, moving countries, across continents, and to an area I have never actually set foot in is down right scary! Yes the world is our oyster, but only if we can find that slippery little sucker in an ocean of […]

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Big News

I’m sitting here writing while a stranger walks through my house. As a South African, this is a nightmare we all often experience, but in this instance, it’s not the nightmare you might imagine.

The stranger, perusing my walls and treading cautiously through my halls, is here to give me a sentence of another kind; To buy […]

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A Kept Woman

Being a stay at home mother by choice is all consuming. But the world rejects me for that choice and label me 'A Kept Woman'. The world has no idea...

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Pregnant Women are Smug

I used to harbour secret judgey opinions of those pregnant women. You know the ones. The kind Garfunkel and Oates sing about. The smug, glowing, gone-with-the-fairies ones.

It seemed to me that when *Jane fell pregnant 10 years ago, she became the very epitome of Mother Earth. What a joke! Especially since *Jane was my most […]

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