No phone? No problem!

My phone was viciously and anonymously attacked and is now in intensive care. Who knows when I’ll have it back, safe, in one piece – in its loving environment where it belongs? Why did this happen? I don’t know and I suffer the question. Here’s what happened: While at the baby park, a rogue sprinkler […]

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Date Night

Date night – a new added feature to my fully changed life that used to be lovingly known as ‘A Whim On A Week Night’. But now, any whims or fancies need careful planning, baby sitters, breast pumps...and frozen back-up milk. What better night to debut my new do?

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Things I didn’t understand before baby that suddenly make sense.

#2 I have been up since 8-weeks-ago but can not seem to get all things done in time to leave the house before midday...

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Where is my Preggie Belly?

They told me not to buy anything till after the first trimester. They, in all their wisdom, told me not to worry about maternity clothes until I didn’t fit into any of my usual every-day ones.

But did I listen? Of course not.

There is this gorgeous little maternity wear boutique down the road from my house. […]

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