The Adventures

MaiTai the baby monkey lived with Pamela Simpson for a year before she found him a home at a sanctuary in Polokwane. He inspired many stories in his time with Pamela and all her family pets, but now lives with other primates like himself. “The Adventures of MaiTai the Monkey” is the first of a series written for school children between the ages of 8 and 12. Simpson was commissioned to pen this book of short stories for a local homeschooling system in South Africa, and it is currently in it’s second print.

MaiTai is an orphaned marmoset monkey, living with ‘Mommy’ and all her other pets. The Garden is where most of his antics take place, and where the other animals meet regularly to discuss what to do about the long tailed, ball of mischief. MaiTai’s inquisitive nature gets him into more sticky situations than he intends, and each story unveils the hilarity of his fumbling adventures.