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About my books

Book lovers have been known to describe their novels as ‘friends’. I took my love for literature a bit further and conjured up a few of my own companions, both flawed and fabulous. I’d love to introduce them into your world and hope that you enjoy them as much as I do.

About my blog

Iam passionate about finding the beauty in everything and getting joy out of life while sharing and inspiring others to do the same. Blogging is the bookshelf to my library of thoughts…have a browse!


“Pamela Simpson’s Something Pink is a treasure of a novel. Simpson’s writing voice is fresh, readable, unpretentious. And the story Simpson has chosen to tell is highly entertaining. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this book.”

– Claire Strombeck, Literary editor.


About the boutique

All the world’s a catwalk and all the men and women models…or something like that? It’s no secret that I love a bit of glits and glam, and thus the Botiuque was born. When I find something style or beauty related that sparks me up like a Christmas tree, I like to share.