About my books

On my literary journeys, I have met and became close to a gawky orphaned wizard, a young geisha who rewrote her destiny, and a 1920s-flapper ghost intent on annoying her great granddaughter.


About my blog

It started out as a diary of my favorite things, scrapbooking random thoughts in a cluttered trove of treasures and words.

The need to express myself through all these new dimensions of me found its way onto these pages, some public, and many more unpublished.


“Pamela Simpson’s Something Pink is a treasure of a novel. Simpson’s writing voice is the type publishers love: fresh, readable, unpretentious. And the story Simpson has chosen to tell is highly entertaining – I can see this selling to a wide age group of women and being made into a movie. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this book.”

– Claire Strombeck, Literary editor.



About the boutique

When I find a product that I love love love omg can’t live without MUST HAVE I tend to share the love.

The boutique is a space where I share experiences with these products or services for the sheer love of it.