“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” – Oscar Wilde.


“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.” – Dumbledore.


Book lovers have often been known to describe their cherished novels as ‘friends’, and certainly some of my best companions have lived within the pages of fiction. As a child, I was BFF’s with a fiery-tempered, red-headed girl who lived at Green Gables, a hilariously obstreperous boy whose sense of sentimentality often clashed with his rebellious nature, and a wide-eyed wanderer who fell down a rabbit hole and kept me up at night with her imaginative antics.

On my literary journeys, I have met and became close to a gawky orphaned wizard, a young geisha who rewrote her destiny, and a 1920s-flapper ghost intent on annoying her great granddaughter. Not all of my friends are lofty heroes with unimpeachable characters, some have made poor choices, but all of them are heartfelt; gritty, real and each beautiful in their own way.

I love these literary figures, big and small, silly and smart, and through my own writing I hope to introduce a few new friends into your world.


About my Blog…

I started blogging as a hobby, one that turned to a human need to relax and explore while taking a break from the overwhelming task of #adulting. While writing my first full length novel, Something Pink, the blog became my spillover space, a happy place I would go when needing to vent, get away, or simply daydream about frivolous opulence. It started out as a diary of my favorite things, scrapbooking random thoughts in a cluttered trove of treasures and words. These were years of great change – I went from being single, to being in love, to being married to being a mother. The need to express myself through all these new dimensions of me found its way onto these pages, some public, and many more unpublished. One constant, however, through all the ups and downs, private and public, is that I am passionate about finding the beauty in everything and getting joy out of life while sharing and inspiring others to do the same. True beauty begins on the inside, and I believe we were put on this planet to reach within ourselves, create, learn, teach, and above all else, love.


About the Boutique

With a background in sales and brand management in the FMCG sector, I have a raging consumer spirit that needs taking out on the town from time to time. Less often now that there is a tiny human in my life, but I do enjoy shopping – ANY kind of shopping. When I find a product that I love love love omg can’t live without MUST HAVE I tend to share the love. The boutique is a space where I share experiences with these products or services for the sheer love of it. I will never share a review in exchange for items – I will only review something I truly believe in.

Welcome and thank you for browsing.









From childish poems about snow to angsty song lyrics through her teens, Pamela has been wielding her pen with haphazard technique for the better part of her years. Not one to be put in a box (unless it’s a shoe box), she has published a collection of children’s stories, a light-hearted contemporary fictional novel, and is working on her second full-length novel.

Pamela’s stories, like her characters, are as real as she is and, more often than not, are based on her own experiences. Like the time she lived with a marmoset monkey, and had to follow him around with baby wipes trying to keep her bachelorette flat, with its gorgeous view of Table Mountain, monkey poo free! Or the year she spent au pairing two delightful little girls for a rather infamous royal family. Or that time she learned to fly fish and caught herself a husband.

Above all, she hates being called ‘Pam’ but is fortunately blessed with a very forgiving nature, and so a packet of Jelly Tots or a terribly shallow compliment is about all it would take to get re-friended on Facebook.

Pamela has written a regular feature for FLYFISHING SA magazine and an opinion column on Women24. She has been published in Fairlady magazine, All My Friends Are Models and Learning@Home (previously CHE).

Originally from South Africa, Pamela now lives in England with her husband and son, their cats and all her shoes. Her debut novel ‘Something Pink’ was released in 2017.